Info Moluccan Future Foundation (MFF):

The Moluccan Future Foundation (MFF) is committed to all children in the Moluccan islands, especially children who are living in difficult circumstances as a result of the humanitarian crisis and poverty.

It is not for everyone to obtain clean drinking water. For poor families or in the event of natural disasters, clean drinking water is not always available. Clean water is the basic necessity of life!

If there is no water filter in a household in the Moluccan islands, plastic water bottles are purchased or water is boiled on petroleum oil. A water filter prevents health problems caused by petroleum fumes and the increase of (plastic) litter.

The water filter contributes to reducing poverty by saving on the cost of water and energy:
Per month: €10.00 or Rp 140,800.00
Per year: €106.00 of Rp 1.7 juta.

Various studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) have shown that the Tulip Water Filter purifies water from bacteria and protozoa in water. The water filter consists of two compartments with a capacity of 13 liters. The top compartment contains a strong filter element. This filter element can filter rainwater, river water and groundwater to clean drinking water.

As of this year, the MFF Foundation will start with clean drinking water projects in schools. The awareness in healthier living and taking care of the environment starts, among other things, with education. They actively contribute to improving the conditions of the children with clean drinking water projects in schools and contribute to a cleaner Maluku! After all, the children are the future!

With this collaboration we (Dnasti) donate a precentage of the profit we make with the Dnasti x Mff t-shirts to Mff's waterfilter project. Want to learn more about the project? Go visit https://www.facebook.com/MoluccanFutureFoundation/